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In spite of mainline steam finishing in India some years ago I still visit every year and occasionally manage some railway visits and trips.

There is a reasonable variety of locomotive classes and this is added to by the fact that individual depots are allowed to paint their locos in a livery of their choosing

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WDM2 a 2600hp Co-Co, recently ex-works at Senaulim, Goa.DMU at Majorda, Goa on the Konkan Railway.WDM3a 14082, a 3100hp Co-Co.A freight triple headed by WDG3a Co-Cos at Majorda, Goa. November 2005A Golden Rock liveried WDM2 passing through Majorda.A triple headed WDG3 freight southbound at MajordaWDM2 18626 thunders through Majorda on an express.WDM2 18626 thunders through Majorda on an express.A trio of WDGs running light through MajordaA trio of WDGs running light through MajordaIndians are never without their mobile phones! A driver awaits the 'right away' at MajordaWDM2 18561 on a stopping passenger at MajordaWDM3a on a Vasco - Kulem local at MajordaA WDM3 at MajordaSouth of Majorda the Konkan railway runs on a long straight stretch to the rural halt at Senaulim. Here a light engine WDG3 heads southwardsWDM3a 14054 heads south out of Majorda.WDM3 14045 on a local train near SenaulimTwo WDM3 locals pass near SenaulimWDM3 hauled local to Kulem at MajordaErode shed liveried WDG3s at Majorda