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Ty51 2-10-0 on Kotlarnia Sand Railway near PyskowiceTy45 at PyskowiceTy51 2-10-0 at KotlarniaTy51 at Kotlarnia sand railwayThe driver of Ty45.170 looks on with amusement at the attention his locomotive is receiving.Ty45 and Ty51 front ends at PyskowiceDerelict Tp4 0-8-0 at KotlarniaA volcanic eruption from a Ty51 2-10-0 on the 'sand railway'Ty45.170 at PyskowiceTy45 at KotlarniaTy51 and Ty45 at KotlarniaTy45 at Kotlarnia, either 103 or 303Ty51 2-10-0 at KotlarniaOne of the crew from Tx4.564 at Znin makes some adjustmentsTr6.39 derelict at KotlarniaTy45 170 at Pyskowice PKP depotTkt48.37 between Klodzko and WalbrzychTy2.628 on the Znin serviceTy2.628 at ZninTx4.564 on the preserved line at Znin