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A trip that took in the narrow gauge in the Harz and around the Dresden area plus some standard gauge at Nossen, Strassgrebchen-Bernsdorf and the Schlettau to Crottendorf branch. I did this camping tour solo in my own vehicle, a Mini Metro,, crossed by ferry and drove across West Germany hence it was somewhat nerve wracking!

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At Nossen a fireman checks out his Class 50 prior to departure on a passenger trainA bit of last minute lubrication before departure at NossenOne of the sole remaining unrebuilt Class 50s, 50.1002, at Nossen with a rebuilt example behind her.Class BR50 2-10-0 at Nossen50.1002 at Nossen.Rebuilt Class 50 50.3581 backs onto the depot at NossenBR50.35 at Nossen50.1002 at Nossen50.35xx at Nossen2-10-0 50.3551 passes the depot at Nossen with a freightA general view of Bw Nossen depotClass BR50 2-10-0 at NossenA pair of Class 50s. 50.3581 and 50.3551 at Nossen depot.A pair of Class 50s. 50.3581 and 50.3551 at Nossen depot50.1002 at Nossen.A 50.35xx 2-10-0 at NossenClass BR50 2-10-0 at Nossen50.1005 with '01 pacific' type smoke deflectors at NossenStored out of use at Nossen is 50.1298 in original condition without the feedwater heater fitted to the 50.35xx series of rebuilt locos.A 50.35xx on on of the many passenger services worked by the class in the Nossen/Dobeln/ Meissen area