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66130 at Peak Forest 13th April 201166172 at Peak Forest 13th April 201166735 near Fiddlers Ferry PS with coal empties.66714 at Acton Bridge Cheshire 26th July 2011DBS 66152 at Warrington Low Level.23/01/12Freightliner 66603 in warrington Low Level yard on gypsum emptiesDBS 66125 at Warrington Low Level on gypsum empties.08/02/12DBS 66167 shunts hoppers at the loader Tunstead Derbyshire.24/07/12DBS 66167 passes the stabling point Tunstead with loaded stone hoppers.24/07/12EWS 66093 on coal train near Colton Junction York 14/08/12Freightliner Class 66 66528 near Colton Junction Leeds.14/08/12DRs Class 66 66413 near Colton Junction York.14/08/12Frieghtliner 66 66557 on coal train at Garsdale S&C.15/08/12EWS 66 66250 on infrastructure train at Garsdale.15/08/12EWS 66034 at Garsdale.15/08/12Colas Class 66 66848 on Chirk log train at Garsdale, S&C.15/08/12DBS 66174 heads south through Acton Bridge, Cheshire with the Halewood to Southampton docks car train loaded with Range Rovers for Export.66099 on Clitheroe bound ement wagons. Garsdale 22/05/13Freightliner 66597 at Garsdale on Hunterston -Radcliffe PS coal hopers.22/05/13Colas 66 at Ais Ghyll on the Carlisle -Chirk log train.22/05/13