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Created 17-Oct-11
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Just before this visit BR012 pacifics had been used on pasenger trains but sdly these were all laid aside at Rheine depot. They had been replaced by the 'Warship' lookalike BR 220 diesels The main steam interest were the BR 042 2-8-2 and the BR 043 2-10-0 , both oil fired, working freight trains on the line.

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BR 42 crossing the river at MeppenBR 42 crossing the river at MeppenBR42 at Rhiene depotA pair of BR 43 on a heavy train of mineral hoppers.Preserved 01.01 pacificA Br 043 near the turntable at RheineA doomed Br 012 pacific looks on at its active freight brothers.BR 42 and 43 for comparison at Rheine depot.Br 043 336 at RheineBr 042 096 at RheineA Br 43 at the water crane at RheineFuelling point at RheineA stored Br 012 pacific at RheineA line of stored pacifics at RheineA general view of the tidy 'roundhouse' depot at Rheine.