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I always find pictures of this place a bit morbid but i suppose they have some historic value for those who look after all those locomotoves that were saved.

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With Barry town in the background a double chimney 9F and a Hall [?] await rescueOne of the few Eastern region locos to make their way to Barry was B1 61264A King, 6023, in rather less than regal condition!An ex GWR 72xx 2-8-2TEx GWR 3862, a 2-8-0 awaits its fateProbably a GWR 'Manor' but no markings visibleA King in a rather better state of preservationAn old friend to me. I saw 42765 in it last years of service at Birkenhead, here at Barry and then in steam again at the East LancsEx Southern Railway S15 4-6-0 30506.Unidentified West Country or Battle of Britain pacific'Battle of Britain' pacific 34081 '92 Squadron'.Ex Great Western, probably a 'Hall', seen through the cab window od another loco.'U' class 2-6-0 31806 in the company of a pannier tank.