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HPS 4-6-0AWC 2-8-0 at MettupalaiyamAWC 2-8-0 at MettupalaiyamWP 7070 at Mettapulyam on Blue Mountain ExpressAWC 2-8-0 at MettupalaiyamAWC 2-8-0 at MettupalaiyamWPs at JabalpurCWD 2-8-2 #12161  at Howrah shed Calcutta.A pair of CWD 2-8-2s at Wadala, MumbaiAsh pickers at Chitpur shed, CalcuttaCWD 2-8-2 under the coal gantry at Chitpur CalcuttaInside the roundhouse at ChitpurWM at Chitpur, KolkotaWheelless WT 2-6-4T at Chitpur depot. 1979CWD at unknown location, possibly AgraWP pacific at Delhi Junction shedCWD 2-8-2 at AgraCWD and WP at Agra BG depotHatia based wG arriving at Ranchi.1983