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A colletion including the Gwalior, Dhaboi, Ranchi and Dholpur systems

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A busy scene in Gwalior station - note the immaculate trackwork in the yardNH/3 2-8-2 at GwaliorNM pacific at Gwalior coaling rampNM pacific 608 at the service point in Gwalior yard.1983NH/5 2-8-2 #812 at Gwalior 1983Gwalior shed with a selection of locos in residence.1983Inside the shed at Gwalior 1983Locos under repair at GwaliorNH/5 class 2-8-2 811 built by Nippon of Japan in 1959 at Gwalior.1983A comparison of front ends at GwaliorND class 4-6-4 at Gwalior 1983NH/4 #758 at Gwalior 1982NM class 4-6-2 608 built by William Bagnall in 1931. Gwalior 1983NM class at Gwalior.1983NH/3 2-8-2 at Gwalior shed 1983NH/3 class 2-8-2 on Gwalior shed.1983On Gwalior shed.1983NH/2 2-8-2 751 built by Kerr Stuart in 1922 on Gwalior shed.1983Nippon[Japan] built 4-6-2 812 at Galior shedNippon[Japan] built 4-6-2 812 at Galior shed