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90046 on intermodal at Acton Bridge.26/07/11Privately owned Class 86 at Hest Bank on Cumbrian Mountain Express.16/10/13.DBS Class 92 at Greenholme on china clay tanks from Dollands Moor.16/10/13Twin Freighliner Class 86 electrics on a southbound multo modal service near Acton Bridge.04/03/14.92019 on a Liverpool Garston to Crewe containers. Acton Bridge. 18.06.14Freighliner 90016 on Mossend - Daventry containers. Acton Bridge. 18.06.14Ditton - Felixtowe 439E container service hauled by twin Class 86 electrics. Acton Bridge. 18.06.14.Class 92 92043 approaching Acton Bridge on empty car flats. 28.07.14GBRf 92032 heads northwards through Acton Bridge light engine. 10.09.14Freightliner Class 90047 heading south through Acton bridge with an intermodal freight. 10.09.14Class 90 90029 light engine southwards at Acton bridge. 10.09.14Freightliner Class 90 90016 at Acton Bridge with a light multimodal load. 17.06.14Freightliner double headed Class 86 at Acton Bridge on a container train from Liverpool.18.06.1490036 on a container train at Bay Horse on the West Coast mainline. 26.05.1290044 on a multimodal service at Acton Bridge.Twin freighliner  Class 86s on a Liverpool bound container train at Acton Bridge.13.09.12Two Class 90s at Acton Bridge on a southbound intermodal train. August 2017Two Class 88s heading northbound at Acton Bridge. August 2017Two Class 90s headed by 900045 on a northbound Freightliner intermodal  train at Acton Bridge. August 2017