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Some of my very first photos here with an emphasis on my local area -the North West and Welsh borders

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BR 'Standard' 2-6-2T 82032Stanier 2-6-4T 42613Ex LMS '4MT' 2-6-4T 42574BR '9F' 2-10-0 at Hooton, Wirral 1965Ex GWR 28xx 2-8-0 at Oswestry in the cold winter of 1962/63'Patriot' 4-6-0 45533 'Lord Rathmore' at Preston 1961Jubilee 45675 in Leeds Holbeck shed 1965Ex LMS Jinty 47202[with condensing apparatus] at Derby shedEx LNER J94 0-6-0ST 68066 and J39 0-6-0 64955 at Bidston shed 1961BR 'Standard' Class 3 2-6-2T 82000 at Crewe North'Castle' with 'spotters' in typical dress - Shrewsbury 1961Castle Class 5070 on the up Cambrian Coast Express at Shrewsbury 1961Ex-works 'Crab' 2-6-0 at BoltonCastle Class 5070 Sir Daniel Gooch at Shrewsbury 1961Ivatt 2-6-0 46516 at Oswestry 1963'Micky Mouse' Ivatt 2MT 2-6-0 46509 at Oswestry on Llanfylin branch trainBulleid Q1 0-6-0 33008 at Salisbury 1963BR '2MT' 2-6-0 at Manchester Victoria 1965'Black 5' 45000 at Chester depot 1965B1 4-6-0 61087 at Leeds Holbeck 1965